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Canadian teen star Justin Bieber tops U.S. chart

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Canadian teen star Justin Bieber tops U.S. chart
By Keith Caulfield

Read more on Reuters via Yahoo! Philippines News

What are all the songs does chris brown & rihanna sing for their concert/tour in Australia 2008?

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

what are all the songs chris brown and rihanna sing for their tour in australia that is in 2008?

Where can I find out what songs the Black Eyed Peas perform in concert?

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

I'm going to a black eyed peas concert and I want to make sure I know every song!

Fifteen Ringtone – Taylor Swift – Fifteen Ringtone

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Click Here to Download the Fifteen Ringtone by Taylor SwiftThe Fifteen Ringtone by Taylor Swift is one of the hottest ringtones in the world right now. Taylor Swift is an American country music artist who began her career as a teenager. Signed to the independent Big Machine Records label in 2006, she made her debut on the Billboard country charts with the release of her debut single "Tim McGraw". This song, which peaked at #6, was the first of five singles from her self-titled debut, which was released in late 2006 and re-issued in 2007, and has been certified 3x Multi-Platinum by the RIAA. Fearless is the second studio album by American country pop artist Taylor Swift. It was released on November 11th, 2008 on Big Machine Records.Click Here & Sign Up to Download Bonus Taylor Swift RingtonesFifteen is one of the best songs from Fearless and has already charted on the iTunes Top Songs Chart. The album is expected to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 and become the most popular Country album of the year in the United States. Fearless has received highly positive reviews from music critics, and according to the music review aggregator Metacritic, it has received an average score of 83, meaning universal acclaim. The Fifteen Ringtone is the perfect choice for your next cell phone ringtone. You can download it right now by clicking on the link below and signing up right now:Click Here to Download the Fifteen Ringtone by Taylor Swift

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Serviced Apartments Dubai

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Serviced apartments Dubai: So you’ve heard that everything in Dubai is expensive. Well if you’ve never been to Dubai then all the news about rising prices and never ending hotel and living costs, will certainly put you off. But how can you live luxuriously in Dubai and not have to spend a lot to afford your visit? Oasis Rentals have the answer. Oasis Rental specialize in serviced apartments Dubai and serviced villas in Dubai. You may be asking yourself, what are serviced apartments and what do they offer? Well put in short, although details will follow later, serviced apartments Dubai are residential apartment blocks, whereby the apartments within them are used as hotels or in other words let on a short term basis. Serviced apartments Dubai can be booked for as little as just one night, which means you’re not tied into any lengthy agreements. It’s as simple as a hotel. 

Serviced apartments are rather different to standard hotels. The apartments range from studio (one bed) up to luxury 4 bed apartments. All the apartments come furnished to a high standard, with a lounge(s), bedroom(s) & bathroom(s). Apartment buildings in Dubai have grown in number over of the past 5 years and in their size too. Most apartment buildings such as Marina Diamond & Marina Crown consist of 25 floors plus and offer excellent views of Jumeirah Beach from the balconies.

Serviced refers to the additional services provided in the apartment. These services include PC & high speed internet facilities, provision of bed lined and all kitchen accessories, cooking equipment and utensils as standard. The serviced apartments have all the necessary items you would need to enjoy your stay in the apartment. Serviced apartments are cleaned either on a daily or weekly basis depending on the size of the apartment and its location, however they are cleaned at least once a week. Oasis Rentals serviced apartments provide additional facilities for families and business professionals such as return airport transfers, mobile phone rental with pay as you go sim-card, baby facilities pack if you traveling with young children, printer scanner copier, wi-fi wireless internet access and daily apartment cleaning, which can all be booked on request.

Serviced apartments can be found almost everywhere in Dubai, however there are a few hotspot locations. The most desirable location is definitely Palm Island Jumeirah. It’s difficult to describe exactly what the Palm Island Jumeirah exactly is, so I shall leave you with this link  In second place it’s definitely the mighty Jumeirah Beach Residence. Consisting of 40 high rise apartment building along the cost of Jumeirah Beach, provide direct beach access and a range of outdoor pool facilities. Dubai Marina is another favorite location for business professional as well as families, as the serviced apartments here provide a good view of Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach. However if your still unsure, let an advisor know at Oasis Rental and they will be more than happy to find you a suitable location.

Oasis Rentals provide an online catalogue of serviced apartments and villas available in Dubai. All the apartments are listed with details of the number of guests that each apartment can accommodate prices, location and a short description of the apartment. If you’re unsure of where to stay, contact Oasis Rentals and the advisors will be more than happy to find you a suitable location according to your travel requirements. The website offers an online booking system whereby guests can register their details and book apartments online. Special offers are updated on a regular basis, and we recommend that all guests take advantage of these whenever possible.

Serviced apartments prices start at £58 per apartment per night and sleep 2 guests, which works out to only £26 per person per night based on 2 sharing. Families of 3-4 individuals can choose from a range of apartments, and with guests traveling in greater numbers there are apartments that cater for up to 10 individuals. Serviced villas are also available for guests looking for a unique experience however costs can rise slightly. Serviced villas Dubai come complete with onsite parking, private gardens and pools.

I hope this short description has given you an insight to serviced accommodation and its benefits to all those who have always wanted to travel to Dubai.


Oasis Rentals

Adnan Ali of Manchester

what’s YOUR top 25 most played?

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

hello my little darlings :D
here's mine!
tell me which ones you know of :)

one, something good can work - two door cinema club. (one of the happiest songs you will ever hear in your lifetime. this song will seriously put a smile on your face.)
two, letters - matt corby. (since idol, matt has become so amazing. a little like matt corby. this song is so beautiful)
three, dance anthem of the 80's - regina spektor. (you are so sweet. dancing and singing to the beat :D )
four, high and dry - matt corby.
five, heartbreak scorsesse - snob scrilla. (not sure if i spelt that right!)
six, lizstomania - phoenix. (perfect song to drive to with the windows down)
seven, alice in wonderland - lisa mitchell. (i only recently downloaded this, but its so beautiful. impossible to explain.)
eight, chainsaw - daniel merriweather (love him so much. he is the cutest.)
nine, gettin up - Q-tip. (bit more pop but its really good.)
ten, i'm not alone - calvin harris.
eleven, incomplete lullaby - lisa mitchell
twelve, make you happy - josh pyke. (i love this boy. my second favourite singer of all time. he is just so fun to listen to)
thirteen, big jet plane - lady of the sunshine. (isn't it odd how my favourite singer of all time is underneath my second favourite? super weird. angus stone is so beautiful. i could talk about him for days on end.)
fourteen, come on get higher - matt nathanson. (it's so laidback and fun. you will probably love it.)
fifteen, the girl and the robot, royksopp.
sixteen, why georgia - john mayer
seventeen, ever fallen in love - nouvelle vauge. (so good. so so so good.)
eighteen, laughing with - regina spektor.
ninteen, naive - the kooks :)
twenty, parking lots - josh pyke. (more kinda dangerous, but it's my favourite song of his.)
twenty one, just a boy - angus and julia stone. (my favourite singer angus stone in his duo with his sister. woooo :D )
twenty two, fed and watered - josh pyke.
twenty three, hands off my cash, monty! - two door cinema club. (such a happy song.)
twenty four, cut feet - illzilla. (like pez, seth sentry, bliss n eso, the herd. so good.)
twenty five, set it right, hungry kids of hungary. (LOVE THEM. they are so fun.)
hahaha no, your ipod does that automatically.
take care bub

Ellie Goulding- Every Time You Go (Album Version, HQ) + Lyrics

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Track 6- Lights Lyrics: Coming Soon!

Nneka feat Wesley Williams – Kangpe

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Nine Days – If I Am (Live 2004)(Boyce Avenue acoustic cover) on itunes

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Facebook myspace Twitter itunes Orkut Alejandro Manzano of Boyce Avenue, 2004 live acoustic cover of Nine Days - If I Am Song available worldwide on itunes, Amazon, Napster, or Rhapsody. Search "Boyce Avenue" Video editing by: Fabian Manzano nine days if i am Nine Days If I Am

What is the meaning of Linkin Park’s new song New Divide?

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Seems to me the frame of reference of this song is a soldier's life, but I am not sure.

Linkin park is my favorite, I would like to know this song's meaning.

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