April 20th, 2010 1:59 am

Newsletter boyceavenue.com Facebook www.facebook.com MySpace www.myspace.com Twitter www.twitter.com iTunes www.itunes.com Orkut www.orkut.com Boyce Avenue signs there first and hopefully last (haha) record deal with Universal Republic (Taylor Swift, Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat, 3 Doors Down).

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25 Responses to “Signing Record Deal (Vlog 1/25/10)”

  1. antmillard11 Says:

    I'm so psyched for you guys. I found out about you about a year and half ago, thinking that your sound needed to be signed. It's about time. Congrats and best of luck to you!

  2. getknown Says:

    wondering what happened to your drummer?

  3. computermech Says:

    Congrats! But did yu read what you signed ?

  4. ELtrioDEcuatro Says:

    it doesn't matter at all
    they're awesome(:
    it was just a question.

  5. spoogelickercumballz Says:

    LUV U GUYS! Gonna buy every single album you guys create.

  6. pinkamos Says:

    so happy and excited for you guys. can't wait to see you in Austin

  7. Atrophik Says:


    I believe they're of Cuban descent, though I'm not sure why it would matter.

  8. numatixtv Says:

    You guys seriously deserve that! I hope you keep doing this forever and always! Best wishes and greetings from a lonely Isalnd in Germany....


  9. yazman70 Says:

    congrats bro..i m happy for you guys

  10. KEMOPA Says:

    Congratulatios :P

  11. jepsi1 Says:

    Yeah!!! u made it, w8ing for your new songs ;)
    u rock

  12. theholic1985 Says:

    im so happy for you guys!
    Hope you'll do a europe tour next year but please go to PORTUGAL because me and many people would love to see you guys there!


    PS: good to know that Jack Johnson loves your music :D He's Great i love also his music;)

  13. toad415 Says:

    Good job make a ton Omoney

  14. ELtrioDEcuatro Says:

    are you guys mexican?

  15. demzom80 Says:

    that girl is the determined invention of art school graduate Stefani Germanotta - "NakedLady gaga D0TT comm" awesome

  16. rockerdu95 Says:

    Yeah mens :D
    Nice Job, and congratulations from France !!

  17. johnnykalalua Says:

    congrats!!! i'm really happy for you guys. shows us all that dreams can come true.

  18. AliliPrince Says:

    AWESOME :D :D:D i think you truly deserve it and im SOOO happy for you guys :D .. good luck :D and ill be one of your top fans :D

  19. plonjcc Says:

    i am so happy for you guys. i am certain you guys understand what it takes and that's why i think you deserve it. i'll be looking for your songs on the radio. good luck

  20. xLookingxForxAlaskax Says:

    I've never seen a band who deserves this as muchy as u do nd who cares about music more than the money. when the album's out, i'll be first in line. you guys ROCK!!!!!!

  21. thenaturalboxer Says:

    Congrats! You guys deserve it!

  22. welbyskinner Says:

    Congratulations from Darwin NT - Australia's Gateway to Asia - come and play here for us.....Please!

  23. cherriepoppindaddy Says:

    WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!! congratulations guys. well deserved. wish you all much luck and success. cant wait for the new album

  24. jonp270 Says:

    that is awesome i hope to hear you guys on the radio. we need some better bands up there and you guys are def what ive been looking to hear.

  25. captainfantastic10 Says:

    congrats on the deal definitely deserved :)

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