May 3rd, 2010 2:07 am

The Senior Powderpuff Cheerleaders perform an all new dance for the halftime show of the student vs. staff basketball game at Carroll High School. Ellen, we want to be on your show!!

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25 Responses to “HILARIOUSLY AWESOME DANCE 3 by Carroll Senior Powderpuff Cheerleaders”

  1. flying0tebayo Says:

    dude, I wish my school did something awesome like this!! :D

  2. bonespirit Says:

    Best video on youtube .. on 2010

  3. Jeffrey3527 Says:

    The santa guy, was that Jack Black?

  4. mousnchz Says:

    that was awesome

  5. narusparchip007 Says:

    i wish OUR school would do that. Itd be fuuuuunnn! :D

  6. Dawnyx33 Says:

    thats funny. :P

  7. MsTexascutie Says:

    3:09 lmfao

  8. hailliness Says:

    omg you have to tell me at least some of you are gunna try out for the cheerleading team. :D you were that good

  9. scotte26554 Says:

    @kel1959 the choreographers are us, the bulk of it is done by a few specific members of the group, but we all contribute.

  10. Zamirah737 Says:

    OMFG that was great haha ive never laughed so much!!!!!

  11. natechaters Says:


  12. kel1959 Says:

    Who is your choreographer? I watched 3 vids and am blown away by your performances. Nice to see everyone having such fun in High School. Keep up the good work! Take your show on the road - I'd pay money to see it!

  13. Chuccuify Says:


  14. gushingcush Says:

    hahah this was sooo dorky but soooo funny it so many ways! im still pissing myself laughing! :D

  15. vivayaya6 Says:

    were they teachers? lmao

  16. RebelScum16 Says:

    Wow! This was truly amazinq. I'm qoinq to show all my friends! Maqnificent!

  17. jgut360 Says:

    That was awesome!!! Makes me miss high school assembly time!!! good job guys.. super hot lol

  18. Xtothemins1 Says:

    wow, i'm really impressed. that was actually really incrdible. i was expecting some lame video of some kids jumping around like faggots. NO!! i was totally wrong. this was well organized and rehearsed it looks like. i came... i'lll tell you guys right now. i came

  19. PeruStereo Says:

    so funny ...

  20. mlizmuller Says:

    this was freaking amazing. i can't even express how obsessed i am with these videos

  21. uncleshrimpy Says:

    That was crazy awesome!!! I'd love to see you guys in real the way make a dance team! Your to freaking amazing to not show off your talent.

  22. mathias0173 Says:

    6:45-6:53 is sooooooo cool :D

  23. WhiteDiamond2U Says:

    It's Monday and honestly couldnt' imagine having a better start to the week then watching this video and the enjoyment and tears of laughter. wonderderful!

  24. winkers1234 Says:

    Congrats from Canada guys, hope your on Ellen!

  25. thenvironmentalist Says:

    This is jokes.. best performance ever seen hands down.

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