May 9th, 2010 7:59 am

I want to listen to linkin park in my car, which album should I download, or which songs should I include in the CD, I want good songs while driving...


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3 Responses to “I want to make a CD for Linkin Park, with a capacity of 20 songs, help ?”

  1. comicbookgeek95 Says:

    Hey download hybrid theory their best album yet!

  2. musicmaniac Says:

    Not in Particular an album download these songs they are the TOP 20 by Linkin Park :

    1.What I've Done
    2.New Divide
    3.In the End
    5.Somewhere I Belong
    6.From the Inside
    7.Given Up
    8.No More Sorrow
    9.Shadow of the Day
    10.Valentine's Day
    11.Leave Out All The Rest
    12.Little things give you Away
    15.One Step Closer
    19.Breaking the Habit
    20.Bleed It Out

  3. Dog.vs.Cat Says:

    Download 20 random songs of linkin park and randomly put them on the CD. Surprise yourself.

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