May 12th, 2010 3:31 pm

Earthquake info: - Wyclef, Barikad Crew, and Rockfam performed at the BET SOS Save OurSleves Help for Haiti telethon concert If you want to see the Haiti earthquake pictures go to For a list of non-profit Organizations on the ground in Haiti that you can donate to, go to Thank you everone for supporting Haiti in our time of need. Help us rebuild Haiti, still... La Perle Des Antilles. Here is the list of music start who will be performing live Mary J Blige Wyclef Lil Wayne Drake Ne-yo Justin Bieber Kirk Franklin Keri Hilson Pitbull Akon Chris Brown Robin Thicke Monica Nas Damian Marley Ludacris

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25 Responses to “Wyclef, Barikad Crew, Rockfam – BET SOS Help For Haiti”

  1. gregskills26 Says:

    that's good guy's are u guy's working on a album

  2. alyboyla Says:

    Fantom and Izo kiled it man love it, see you at Bayfront park bro.


    What a wonderful collaboratve event to Help Haiti earthquake victims! BRAVO BRAVA! One Love, Wyclef..always
    Wendie Busig-Kohn

  4. sousenau4real Says:


  5. dustbunni Says:

    Fantom and Izo, too realll. Whole song held it down, and makes me feel good. nouuu leveeee

  6. selec17 Says:

    @donjorry Money mike is great. but look how Fantom made the perfect change in the tempo. Listen to "Haiti Pi RèD" from the album kiskobou. Fantom is the first to flow with the same lyriks he used here. not many people can slow it down so perfectly. listen also how it nailed it in "Virus" that Hip Hop High level.

  7. donjorry Says:

    @selec17 dats not true . he is ok , he is not best rapper alive. he is not better than money mike , bop , topchoko

  8. laane10 Says:

    @msbee33 am not gonna lie about tht 1 they both did..but u know gotta rep wat u like the most

  9. msbee33 Says:

    are you for real
    they both did a good job but usually ill said BC but at the end of the day they both represent haiti like they should.

  10. laane10 Says:

    rockfam killed...bc is trash

  11. selec17 Says:

    Fantom killed it yall. best haitian rapper alive!!

  12. loumega123 Says:

    BC is the best bra

  13. magnetutility Says:

    sel Wyclef ki t ka fe sa Bc & rocfam together/but i aint gon lie rockfam they had nobody to represent, that's a shame

  14. zoefreshable Says:

    rockfam the best

  15. greggy1907 Says:


  16. Davanceadvance24I7 Says:

    that's my country

  17. lavisamale Says:

    le izolan di sa mwen santim ta kriye paske sa tris anpil epi mwen kontan mwen se yon AYISYEN

  18. sweetaliena Says:

    most of caribean people are descendant of african slaves. we have more of a direct link to africans than african-americans. but we are all african anyway if we retrace the human history.

  19. MrBoy555 Says:

    Fantom killed it, Rockfam did nothing

  20. MrBoy555 Says:

    Fantom killed it man

  21. Ayitita Says:

    Barikad crew e Rockfam ansanm !! Bel bagay

  22. haitisfinests88 Says:

    i like wyclef anywhere he says he's haitian

  23. SKENSCY Says:


  24. cherizaj Says:

    i like when wyclef said "izo pran miko a pran miko a" lol

  25. cherizaj Says:

    good thing man only wyclef can do that..barikad,, rockfam same stage bagay male.. when i become the star uma be uma do just like wyclef but uma just rep africa and the caribbean a lil bit more

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