May 14th, 2010 7:05 pm Glee - Last Name (feat. Kristen Chenoweth) I aknowledge that I do NOT own this music, and I STRONGLY reccomend that you buy it on iTUNES!

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25 Responses to “Glee Cast – Last Name (HQ)”

  1. iamfinnhudson Says:

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  2. ankatz Says:

    @getxxdirty no she didnt. kristin did like a hick version of this song.

  3. TwixTheKitty Says:

    @nati1234 You, my friend, have one insanely talented grandmother.

  4. xander171 Says:

    @abrblambee They didn't release this song on the CD!!

  5. iamtherandomer Says:

    Carrie is so awesome.

    Kristen is SO much better.
    I <3 GLEE!!!!

  6. nati1234 Says:

    seriously? I like her voice but she sounds like my grandma. I think carrie's version is better. no offense

  7. BlackValleyRequiem Says:

    Couldnt say it better myself. Its not that carrie is bad, its that kristen is a force of nature musicaly

  8. MsAliceRaven Says:

    @QueenSteen17 Strongly agree

  9. MsAliceRaven Says:

    Sorry Carrie fans, but this version is way better...Carrie Underwood is a good singer and i really like her...but Kristin? She's SUPREME! She's unbelievable fantastic...Kristin is beyond comments, beyond anyone!

  10. tigertours Says:

    Great tune, heard this then the original and I have to say this one is a lot better.

  11. shadowguard Says:

    its so funny how she has such a strong mature voice and then her speaking voice is squeaky. hehe

  12. LucasDaBu Says:

    she is like a chameleon lol...she can do any song and do them better.......carrie underwoods bin put 2 shame :D

  13. besiebe Says:

    love this <3

  14. msdontprocrastinate Says:

    @GinaGlocksenFan Nope, yours particularly bothered me. Stop hating!

  15. GinaGlocksenFan Says:

    @msdontprocrastinate No, I do not. Do you go all over youtube just to bombard people with your rude comments?

  16. pherenal Says:

    decent cover. Carrie Underwood is still far stronger.

  17. msdontprocrastinate Says:

    @GinaGlocksenFan Do you just go all over Youtube and hate on everyone who isn't from American Idol?

  18. tuse1991 Says:

    carrie can also of best live singers is carrie underwood just listen and kristin i dont have word for her...amazing.... :) but i preffer carrie s version cause i love herrrr

  19. TheatreFanatic4eva Says:

    STIYPASI Carrie! haha just kidding, I love Carrie, but I in no way think she compares to Kristin :)

  20. ldrocks12 Says:

    This song is pretty low for Kristen but she did amazing on it! I love her!!

  21. GinaGlocksenFan Says:

    The Carrie Underwood version is so much better. This one sucks.

  22. jodiexgirl Says:

    this is the first episode I ever watched <3
    I got hooked soon after, but not just cuz of her, even though she does rock :D

  23. scootts88 Says:

    eeeeep luv this song !

  24. abrblambee Says:

    why download it when you can buy the Glee CDs and have all the song!!!

  25. c0ronariu5 Says:

    perfect song to remind you not to do anything stupid or reckless

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