May 24th, 2010 8:21 am

Trey Songz "Can't Help But Wait". Trey Songz New Album In Stores October 2nd.

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25 Responses to “Trey Songz – Can’t Help But Wait [OFFICIAL VIDEO]”

  1. jakegolden46 Says:


  2. mrmagic112233 Says:

    trey's expressions are hella exaggerated, its kinda funny,lol

  3. Landolakes222 Says:

    love this song

  4. yes929 Says:

    That just abusiiveee.! :/

  5. rawrxtyna Says:


  6. rawrxtyna Says:

    3:17 i mean

  7. rawrxtyna Says:

    oh ! and lol its funny.look at treys arm at 3:15 lol its all jibbly

  8. rawrxtyna Says:

    <3 this song omg trey is so sexy 3:02

  9. TheNarutouzumaki8881 Says:

    dis the shit

  10. JayMacfresh2death Says:

    @BullentinXRights ok if thats what u meant den ikan c where u commin from but they do 2 me 2 a lil

  11. BullentinXRights Says:

    @JayMacfresh2death its not jay- Z its um LL COOL J

  12. JayMacfresh2death Says:

    @AzNcReW1123 hell yea he do but dat other dude who sed he look like jay z on 34 must been smokin

  13. JayMacfresh2death Says:

    @BullentinXRights u a dam lie

  14. KiDDABrAH503 Says:

    yo! BEST 15 YEAR OLD rapper on my channel, HANDS DOWN! can i get a thumbs up??!

  15. Dozzie7126 Says:

    My shit right here

  16. shadowmachine14 Says:

    "Triga T",Im mikey - MASTER MIND MIXTAPE check this´╗┐ out!!! hes really good!

  17. AzNcReW1123 Says:

    trey songz loks like chris brown @2:50

  18. KiidLoca Says:

    My lil cuz loves singin' this song. Lol, he's 4 and he knows all the words !

  19. BullentinXRights Says:

    0:34 trey looks like Jay-Z

  20. seansniper123 Says:

    wheres the fight. they should have shown them fighting at the end. haha

  21. seansniper123 Says:

    @bardoc13 same with me sept im not dating her.....yet :'''''(

  22. MarvinDivine Says:

    I have the funniest video of him on my channel!!!!!

  23. Lordshorty3 Says:

    was there ever another video after dis cuz it says to be contiued

  24. bobbytmathew Says:

    damn shes beautiful. all the beautiful ones get hit. shout out to all the riris, robin givens, and halle berrys out there.

  25. sokhunsak Says:

    @bardoc13 is dat so? congratulation!!!

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