May 31st, 2010 12:50 am

Rihanna is one of THE most horrifying pop singers to come into the industry without nepotism being involved. She can't sing, dance, act, play instruments...she can't do anything but walk around in front of paparazzi wearing haute couture. There is something fishy in the boat and it certainly isn't her va-jay-jay...

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7 Responses to “How did Rihanna get a record deal?”

  1. Fd Says:


  2. kelly Says:

    The music/film industry is less about talent, and more about being marketable and sucking up to the right people.

  3. MJ l Lover l 91 ♥ Says:

    Jay-z gave her A Record deal

  4. john Says:

    sucked a LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OF YOU KNOW WHATS!!

  5. Ghost Boy Says:

    cos she has a great voice

  6. Adam Says:


  7. dɩsco never dɩed Says:

    That's all your opinion. Rihanna is in her fifth year and still selling records.

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