August 5th, 2010 3:53 pm On January 12, 2010 Hait's fell victim to a massive 7.0 earthquake. Help 4 Haiti 911 is a non-for-profit organization that raises funds in order to send relief supplies to victims of this catastrophe. 50% of all of Haiti's population are children alone and scared. Your donation can make a difference. Help us rebuild their lives and their communities. 100 % of the proceeds will go directly to them. http Help for Haiti 911 is a 501c Please help Haiti now.

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17 Responses to “Help 4 Haiti 911 Give Hope for Haiti Now”

  1. bestkeptsecretout Says:

    A Tribute To World Disasters ,Haiti, Katrina, 911, Oklahoma Bombing, Nashville TN Floods, Iraq , ECT.... This Video Is A Tribute To Grieving Families Every Where All Over The World "Restore Hope"
    I'm Praying For All Of You "To Get A Copy Of This Song For Your Continued Listening Go To i-tunes Under "Songs Of Hope And Remembrance" In The Video Is My Tribute To Haiti And All Who has Lost Hope It Will Be Restored!

  2. TheArmy19D Says:

    With the amount or child prostitution going on in Haiti before the quake I dont think I could give them money now and perpetuate the same system.

  3. chltmdwp Says:

    @buttnut1080 yes,... i do'nt know what is so special about Haiti.... Hell, a country who got hit by Tsunami didn't get much help than this... wtf is so special about Haiti? their gov is in trouble and... what? !

  4. KYMAMI Says:

    buttnut1080 ,Land of the free home of the brave,this is the land i love and as long as i sand behind that with the love of God,i do the human thing,help our fellow man or a human in need,children.....Now,the reason i leave a comment in regards to yours is because iam free to do so...

  5. buttnut1080 Says:

    I understand the helping of others and I think thats great that we're doing it. But America is just using this as an opportunity to try and act like they care. Everyone just does it because they know it looks good. That's why people are saying all this stuff. That's why the haitians got a telethon. For that reason. if you don't understand, don't comment

  6. KYMAMI Says:

    In God We Trust is how our USA was built and is why we help others in a time of need,we are a blessed nation,in spite of what a person like you may think and if we always thought like you,we would not be.You have the option of helping our soldiers,we all do,but,we also have the option to help Haiti,we are land of the free!peace..

  7. buttnut1080 Says:

    How come haiti is getting all of this praise and support? What about the other problems in the world? What makes these people so special? There are our own americans getting blown to pieces i n the mid east and how come no one is helping them? I hope you people realize that these haitians are getting more of our country's help than those soldiers and that its just wrong. Its actually funny how the haitians get more help than our own americans. I feel bad for both but still.

  8. AmericAWordsMatter Says:

    Signs and Symbols....

  9. itskristinaaaaa Says:

    aw. i just texted, i wish i knew ahead of time [:
    if we all text, it will make a HUGE difference. god bless.

  10. luisbeck007 Says:

    Obama Peace Nobel price with world record of military expenditures, world record of drug addicts, world record of people in Jail, world record of debt. Less bla, bla, bla and more action!

  11. luisbeck007 Says:

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  12. GarfumVideos Says:

    Help Haiti Now!!

  13. Help4HaitiTV Says:

    Thank´╗┐ you all so much for your Donations!!

  14. MaximuSpaSalon Says:

    god bless all

  15. EmpowerYourBody Says:

    Thank you all so much for your Donations!!

  16. phatboysbakery Says:

    My prayers are with Haiti and I will donate something every chance I get.

  17. lisavertigo Says:

    I already donated to unicef but when i saw this i had to donate for these poor kids.

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