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Remembering Bobby Hebb, a Nashville original who belonged to the world

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Remembering Bobby Hebb, a Nashville original who belonged to the world
by Chris Neal Bobby Hebb was born in Nashville on July 26, 1938, and succumbed to lung cancer in the same city on Aug. 3, a very full… [ Read more ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]

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The World Is Yours (Original beat).

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

I was inspired listening to J Cole, so this beat was made. I added NaS on the hook to make it sound more inspirational saying "The World Is Yours". I gotta thank J Cole for the inspiration.

Go Ahead And Leave Me (Original Song) – Tommy C

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

GO AHEAD AND LEAVE ME by Tommy C. Earl Powell produced the drums and Jonathan Shauf (of IBU) worked the guitars. Your typical break-up song but I'm the type if I hurt you... go ahead and leave me. U know u like my random break dancing pic.. don't hate lol Download Links: or Lyrics: (Verse 1) Every since the day we first met, Bits and pieces I can't forget. All the times you made me smile. All the times you made me cry. Now I'm left with broken pieces. Memories, I can't live with, Standing here alone in the cold. (Pre-Hook) Why did I hurt you? I was blind and didn't see babe. Why did I leave you? All alone on the stranded road, Why did I treat you? Like a fool now I pay the price, Now all I have is emptiness, And all I know is. (Hook) When I fall asleep at night, There is only one thing on my mind. It's that sudden day we said goodbye. I won't stop you go ahead and leave me. You deserve a brand new start, With a man who wouldn't break your heart. I know I did you wrong so go and leave. Go ahead and leave me. Go ahead and leave me. Go ahead and leave me. Go ahead and leave me. (Verse 2) Now I'm lost in all this sorrow, Thankful that there's tomorrow, Another day for me to smile, Another day for me to cry. Reminiscing about one thing, It's that day you took off my ring, Left it on the shelf and slammed the door. (Pre-Hook) Why did I hurt you? I was blind and didn't see babe. Why did I leave you? All alone on the stranded road, Why did I treat you ...

Classical Japanese Koto Music – Izumi-Kai Original Instrumental Group – Rokudan

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

From the liner notes: "Japan owes its music, as its culture in general, to the Chinese. Not only, however, have the Japanese actively developed this heritage, but they have also preserved many elements of older Chinese music which have been lost in its home country. The music of the Japanese can be divided into main categories which correspond to the sacred and secular fields of Western music. In the former category we find: (a) Gagaku. This is the ancient Chinese temple music which was introduced into Japan around AD 600 and which marks the beginning of Japanese musical history. It is orchestral music, performed by small shawms (hichiriki), flutes (shakuhachi), mouth organs (sho), lutes (biwa), drums, and gongs. - (b) Ka(n)gura. This is the indigenous Japanese temple (Shinto) music which is used today for the most solemn worship. It originated in the 13th century when Japan became conscious of its aboriginal culture, and may well contain elements of a tradition prior to the Chinese influence. Today it is played on the koto and flutes. It is a recitative confined to a few tones. To the same category belongs the Saibara songs, autochthonous songs used at the Emperor's court and executed by a soloist, a small group of singers, together with sho, hichiriki, and fuye (flute). - (c) Halfway between sacred and secular is Nogaku, or No. This is a musical play which may be compared to the liturgical drama of the Middle Ages with which it was coincidental in rise (c. 1000-1200 ...

Justin Black – Broken Wings (Original Song)

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

An original Composition by Runny Knows Rene….Happy Birthday Jason :-)

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Drift Away (original by Singindork888)

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Another Original Song by Singindork888 Drift Away LYRICS: Try to make sense of it all we turn one way and turn away again Wondering if it's gonna fall Will we never make it to the end Were we the start of something great Were u the only one to shake The only way i thought that we would go Did we really put it all at stake And how do we deal with dreams of could've beens And lives that we could live Will you ever see me in that light again Or will we drift away Drift away, far away from Questions we may ask And doors that we have never opened Drift away, far away from Everything we had walk the road not taken Drift away, far away from me Drift away Will we turn and say goodbye will we run and say hello again see the glow deep in your eyes Will it ever feel the same again Can we heal the damage done finally find our place in the sun Something told me you could be the one The only one to set me free Copyright 2008 Japanese Lyrics (Thanks Miyuki!) このすべてに 意味を見出してごらん僕等は 一つの道を 引き返し また 目を背けるこんな事が 訪れたらって 考えてみて... 僕等は 決して 終わりにできない と僕等が 何か偉大なものの 始まりだとしたら? きみが 唯一 揺り動かすもの だとしたら? 僕等が 歩もうとしていた たった一つの道僕等は ほんとうにすべてを 危うくしてしまった? それから 僕等がみるはずだった夢を どう扱うの? 僕等が 生きることのできた 人生の数々あの光の中で またきみが 僕を見ることは ないの... 僕等が 押し流されてしまう ことも... Drift away, far away 僕等がきく事のできた 疑問の数々から ...

Pete Quaife dies at 66; original bass player for the Kinks

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Pete Quaife dies at 66; original bass player for the Kinks
Quaife played on the British rock band's early hits, including 'You Really Got Me' and 'Tired of Waiting for You.' The Davies brothers' disputes drove him from the band in 1969. Pete Quaife, the original bassist for the Kinks who played on such early hits as "You Really Got Me," "All Day and All of the Night" and "Tired of Waiting for You" before leaving the British band in 1969, has died. He ...

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Garageband Original song They Come from the Sky

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Just when I think I am out of creative juice, I go and create this, mostly synthesizer track. I could go on for hours about every detail in this song and actually was going create a how 2 vid to show each step, but it would have lasted way to long. The video is what I imagine outer Space must look like when traveling through it. I just grabbed some vids from online to put together for the song. This song is 90% from scratch or in other words, I am playing the keyboards for the 7 different synthesizers and the drums. I layered the synths as if I where stacking more layers as the song progresses. I used the treble reduction effect the most on the fist synthesizer track (Martian Lounge), then gradually using less as I added each new layer/synthesizer. This will make sure everything is heard and not canceling each other out. For example, if I am singing in the same key as some-1 is playing the piano, guitar and synths-all at the same note & loudness, you would not clearly hear what I would be singing and the sound of the other instruments would get lost in a mesh of sound that's all at the same note. Most unprofessional sounding mixes are due to the off balance of tone frequencies. I wanted to make sure I introduced a new beat, chord or melody that landed differently for each section of the song to keep the song from becoming stagnant. When designing the pre chorus, I was trying to drag the beat over to fill up that part of the song and knocked it off beat. I decided to play ...

Jason Castro – performing Original Song at Homecoming

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Here is Jason Castro performing an original song at his homecoming celebration in Rockwall, TX!

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